This site, starting to now be built for everyone, is about health and the issues that affect our health.  In these changing days of the world in the 21st Century we find increased stresses, causing disruptions to every aspect of life. On this site we will attempt to provide information about many aspects of life that will enable readers to recreate a better or new life.    

This site will gradually build up lots of information and advice in some of these areas and will refer readers to other site links where specialist advice is already available.  Please be patient as we build the site.

This site has been written out of the interests of the author in health issues, the combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. He has suffered many of the normal traumas of life and at 80 years of age is enjoying good health in all areas, although at that age, some physical aspects of his life are showing signs of wearing out. Learning and experience of these things is his forte, especially in the spiritual area. So, although the site will start with minimal information in some areas, it will be added to frequently.

The site will cover all aspects related to the creating of a better life, including physical, mental, spiritual aspects along with a recognition of the integration of all three aspects to form a wholeness view. The author, who specializes in the spiritual aspects will have a tendency to focus there, but always with mental and physical aspects in mind.

The site will also refer or link to other specialists in the physical and mental areas who have an ability to provide integration viewpoints in ways that general medical and specialist practice is normally unable to do.

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